Thursday, January 6, 2011

i heart cupcakes

I ♥ cupcakes... most of you already know that. But just in case you didn't, here is why...

They are small yummy little treats that are the symbols of happiness and celebration. Cupcakes are just the right size to satisfy your sweet tooth...and they come in their own little holders need for a plate. I love to decorate make tiny cute cakes... even more cute!

I even confirmed that my personality can be summed up into one specific cupcake flavor. Take this test and you too can find out what cupcake personality you are.

Can you guess which cupcake I am? A prize giveaway to the first person who can guess what kind of cupcake my personality is? Just comment to my blog with your guess.
*photos are not mine just ones I've saved in my pix file...sorry i can't give credit to anyone.


The England Family said...

See you mention cupcakes and I play along lol.
I am going to guess the same cupcake I got...pina colada:)

Mandy said...

Red velvet :)