Sunday, January 23, 2011

free time + cake mix =

We had a bit of extra time today... H has a serious sweet tooth and loves to be in the kitchen. We found the recipe here... so we pulled out with the Kitchen Aid... and baked some pretty tasty Cupcake Poppers!This was fun...using Neon food coloring really brought in the Easter Egg coloring mood. H was so excited to mix the colors until they turned the right shade of rainbow.

Our itty bitty cupcake cute. Tad ah...Cupcake Poppers.

We will tell you that this did take quite a bit of time. An hour and a half to be exact. Since we only have one itty bitty cupcake tin and 5 different colors of batter...there was a lot of transfers from the oven to the cooling rack. If you have a free afternoon and a sweet tooth to satisfy...this is a super fun way to spend your time with your wee peep!