Friday, June 10, 2011

It's officially summer vacation for the kids. Here's our "Summer Do" list. Let's see how quickly this McCoy Family can check these items off the list.

1. Spend a day at Disneyland.2. Pick blueberries at the local farm.

3. Make home made ice cream.

4. Make home made Popsicles.

5. Swap the kids rooms and decorate a nursery.
6. Go to the waterpark.

7. Go camping.

8. Make a backyard bonfire and make some s'mores.
9. Go to the lake.

10. Make rainbow snow cones.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The baby bump is growing and the first trimester is officially behind me. Yay...project baby underway!
Early on....a friend asked me...Are you going to use cloth diapers? Right away, not a second to spare, my answer was NO. I had used disposable diapers with the first two children. I didn't know the difference...why change a process that worked before? In my job, I'm pretty much tasked to research on a regular basis. I, that really was not a fair answer with out the proper research.
Oh boy... interesting research it was. I viewed over 50 videos on YouTube (amazing what you find) on every subject related to cloth diapers and read all the Q&A sections of cloth diaper manufacturers websites.
When cloth diapers come to mind I think safety pins and plastic diapers covers. Boy was I wrong! It doesn't look complicated at all. No pins or plastic pants, only microfiber & other modern fabrics, absorbant padding, velco tabs or snaps. As diapers go, cloth diapers are cute. My washing machine runs everyday and I know baby laundry is inevitable. Yah, we can do this.
So we're going to try it...cloth diapers! I was remiss in answering the question the first time around. Yes...I will be using cloth diapers. So here's my first stash, BumGenius AIO, in universal colors since we don't have any idea what sex baby is. I'm keeping my eye out for deals and resales.

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