Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my girl with curl...

Hannah will be marching in a parade at Disneyland this weekend along with her cheer group the Young Californians. They will be doing a pom pom and baton routine to Hannah Montana's, Best of Both Worlds. It's too cute and I know so many of you moms who are singing the words right now! LOL

Hannah's participated in this event for the past 3 years and it's magical memory every time. She loves to have the crowd cheer and scream for her! She doesn't even get distracted when her mom makes a fool of herself and waves arms and yells her name. The smile stays constant on her face and she concentrates on her parade routine.

Look at the curl in Hannah's hair below. Kristie taught me the lesson she learned from her friend Yvette. It's amazing that the curl stay put in Hannah's silky smooth straight hair. We've tried countless times with fail. Thank you for the girly techniques.


ericksonny said...

curly whirly superdooperiffic!

well done;)