Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cause for HUGE celebration!

Oh my goodness!!! The boys played their third game of the Tournament of Champions last night vs. the Lake Elsinore Bulldogs.

It was fantastic...the game went into extra innings with a tie at 7-7. At the top of the 8th inning Jake "STUBBS" Stubbs was given a walk to first base. Cody was on deck as next batter. As the pitches go by, he battles and with a full count 3 balls & 2 strikes. Cody hits a HOME RUN, twenty or more feet out of the Murrieta Park. This is cause for HUGE celebration as it broke the tie and it was Cody's first ever Home Run Hit of the season!! The smile on Cody's face was so bright, it could probably be seen from outer space. And me, you ask? I was the typical baseball momma...with Hannah on my lap I jumped about 5 feet outta my chair and screamed with my arms up in the air! Good thing no one caught it on film.

Right after that hit it was like the flood gates were opened. After Cody, Ryan Edinger hit a HOME RUN out of the park! And the score kept on growing. Final score Angels-11 Bulldogs-7.

It was a tough game and a really good fight for both sides!


Next game is scheduled for Wednesday evening! GO Angels!


Life according to Girls said...

What a PERFECT picture!!! That is going to make a great page in your scrapbook!!!!
GO ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!

ericksonny said...

agreed! that is an awesome photo! i would blow-up that photo, frame it and put on the wall;)