Sunday, June 8, 2008

Game 2 Highlights

The Menifee Major Angels conquered game 2 vs. the Murrieta Blue Jays. The final score Angels-14, Blue Jays-4. The boys dominated from the start with Cody pitching and Austyn catching defense. Everyone had contact with the ball but the best of show goes to Austyn with a home run hit in the fourth inning. Second goes to Taylor with a great hit to the hole in the far right field. This Angels group was determined and prepared to be the leaders in last nights game. Great job boys!

Kristie let me borrow her camera...thank you! I love it and love taking pictures with it! Here's a few shots.

Cody getting a good lead on first...being aggressive...

That's him #17...
The boys have new hats with their names and numbers embroidered...
And the best photo of all...Sydney showing me what the little sisters do while the boys get dirty!
We're back on the field tomorrow night! WHOO HOO!!