Saturday, April 19, 2008

Top #10 Favorites

  1. Hannah's toothless smile.

  2. Watching Cody pitch on the mound.

  3. Starbuck Grande Chai Latte with Non-Fat Milk in the cup with Vintage Logo

  4. Dave's morning kisses.

  5. My homemade Redvelevet Cupcakes.

  6. Spa Pedicures

  7. Taco Tuesday

  8. Orbit Sugarfree gum in the Pink & Green Package.

  9. My LG Chocolate

  10. My new alarm clock...the Meadowlark singing from the balcony.


The England Family said...

Hi, I wanted to take your class tomorrow night at IAT but I didn't get signed up today and when I tried they had already closed. Is it too late to call tomorrow and sign up? Do you have an extra kit if I do come?? I would love to take the class...let me know. I will check back to see if you respond to this comment sometime tomorrow:)