Wednesday, April 30, 2008

THE day...

Yup... It finally happened this morning! Cody and I go through a ritual of standing back to back to check the progress, and today was THE day...Cody is taller than me! It's just a smidgen of a quarter of an inch taller, but it's definitely taller! Time certainly doesn't stop or even slow down for just a to all you moms out there. Treasure every little moment you have with your children...just when you think things are the same and routine GREAT things are just about to happen!


Lauren Hampton said...

Funny to read this post today. Earlier tonight I was looking at Evan's little, soft legs as I was snuggling him before bed. Hard to think of them as being anything but little, soft, and fitting in my arms. I can see big changes already with Alyssa. She is already looking so pre-teen. She's amlost nine. Wow, when did this all happen??
We missed you yesterday. Are you feeling better?

deenafaBulous said...

So, I know what you mean. When my baby brother finally beat me in the height department, I was like, "when did this happen?".

I enjoy Sophia so much now and it tickles me when she starts outgrowing her jumpers. I love that she is growing, but don't want her to grow up. You know what I mean. ~deena

TrulyEarnest said...

Yep Shelby-----I look at my very tall son now and stand all amazed.

Missed you this weekend, hope you fell better!