Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So with all this digging in the dirt from gardening H found a bunch and I mean a bunch... of Red Wiggly Worms. She doesn't mind touching them as they squirm in her fingers. I was surprised she wasn't squealing from disgust. Then I realized she always goes fishing with D and they use worms as bait. Oh, yah... No wonder she wasn't grossing out like I was. I tell her..."Wow, you can collect a whole bunch of worms from the garden and go fishing." Then I remember I've always wanted to compost but thought it was just too much work, not to mention a little gross. So I thought small scale and figured H could make a worm farm. Since she didn't mind handling the worms, she could construct the whole farm herself. And... she has been asking for a new pet. Lolo provided the plastic container, yah recycl! He also helped H assemble the worm farm. They layered paper shreds, worms with kitchen and yard scraps. A whole lotta fun for a whole lot of FREE! I guess a little dirt doesn't hurt.