Friday, March 11, 2011

Last weekend...H and I competed in our own cupcake wars. She challenged me to a duel of flavors after watching a DVR'ed recording of DC cupcakes. An episode where the sisters did a cupcake bake-off. As we sat on the couch and the credits were rolling on the screen, H turned to me and said, "I can make a better cupcake than you." My eyes widened and I replied, "Hah !" So the baking began in the McCoy kitchen.

H chose a chocolate caramel flavor with a marshmallow cream topping. She was sly and melted some caramel, cored the center of the cupcake and poured the gooey liquid into the cups.

I decided to go with a chocolate mint cupcake with milk chocolate frosting because I had just picked up 3 boxes of Girl Scout mint chip cookies from my bestie.The judges of our bake off were our neighbors. They live down the street and are a family 5. It was a battle and the little baker won! Congratulations to H and her chocolate caramel cupcake. She was beyond ecstatic to hear the results. Turns out the caramel center was the kicker!

Such great fun and joy to play with H and get the neighborhood involved.


lexi920 said...

OMG - you guys are so cute. I can't wait for Gabi to be old enough and challenge me to some kind of baking war and then I'll beat her.

hahahahahahaha j/k!

I would gladly serve as your judge anytime!