Monday, August 24, 2009

More of July...

The trail description for Fern Lake Trail on is as follows:

Fern Lake Trail- June Lake Northern California: This hike is relentless in its ascent but short enough and definitely rewarding enough to be worth the workout.

We agree 100% . This was the most rewarding yet the most strenuous hike we've ever taken. Both the McCoy and Walker families decided to take a hike to Fern Lake. With packed lunches, fishing gear and waders in tow we were off. The incline was steep but the views of June and Gull Lake were incredible.
We backed tracked a little to see a really cool log bridge at the fork of the Fern Lake and Yost Trail. With the rushing stream under the fallen log, it reminded me of something you would see in Never Never Land. The weather was mostly cool until we hit a muggy, swampy part of the trail. There were some beautiful wildflowers but also swarms of bugs. Good thing for bug spray.
Because of our large party it took us 2 hours to get to our destination. Here's a photo. Quality is not so good because I didn't brave taking the Nikon on the hike. Cell phone cameras are convenient, huh?Here's Dave right after he caught his first "Golden Trout" on a barb less lure. It has been called the "Fish from Heaven." Small and beautiful, distinctive and spectacular and only survive at such high elevation. This trout with its vibrant colors evolved over thousands of years adapting to the high country meadows of the Kern Plateau. Sorry I did not get a photo of it. Dave wanted to release it back into it's habitat as soon as possible.

With vast Internet resources, here's what a golden trout looks like.Okay next post will finish off the month of July. Thank you for visiting, see you again soon!