Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hi! All!!

okay, okay...I know. The button has been on pause, there has been a rupture of time, a part has been missing, there was an extreme break, an interruption of sorts. Have you missed me? It is the end of the hiatus... the start of many posts.

What's happened you wonder? Let's start with the month of May.
A trip to Santa Barbara...
...an afternoon in Solvang.
...a stroll through Santana Row.
In the month of June.

A visit from Great Grama...
Camping at the Kern River......cooling off at Lolo and Lola's pool.
...painted polks dots....harvested from our apple tree.We welcomed a new puppy to the family. Can you believe she was a stray? Without any luck of searching for her owner, she adopted us.

I'll be back to post for July happenings. First I need to organize.


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