Wednesday, March 4, 2009

status update...

Today my facebook status reads...Shelby McCoy is going to do something drastic.

Here's a comment from my dear friend.

Oh Dear ... What kind of drastic..cut all your hair off, or dye it hot pink? Throw out all of your furniture for new stuff? Get a Venti instead of a tall? Tell all of your bill collectors your sending a IOU until your budget is in the black?

Ok so, here's the answer to your wondering.

This has been a long time coming, a while of planning and gaining the courage.
I'm glad I chose today to do something drastic. p.s. Thanks a million, Renee.


ericksonny said...

Gorgeous! You look too see your big smile. Miss you;)

Sisterhood of scrappin said...

Ha Ha Ha....I was wondering what was on your blog that several people text me to check out. You are a brave person. My "drastic" never looks that good. Pictures are hot....Now I need to see it in person!

ally serrato said...

i love the new haircut!!!! looks amazing!!

Diana said...

I like it....You look really good.