Friday, November 14, 2008

Turning 8 is Great much fun! We celebrated Hannah's birthday tonight. She chose a High School Musical theme. It was perfect timing with HSM 3 at theatres. With the help of the Internet I was able to print up movie ticket stub invitations. Then I spent a few days searching for supplies. I found HSM prizes for the goodie bags and game prizes. Party City had the HSM cupcake paper cups and the cute candle. The HSM 3 sound track was in stock at Target, so the games were all set...freeze dance and hot East High basket ball (like hot potato). It turned out the most popular game was "pin the kiss" on Troy. After the party the girls took a tour of the movie theatre and then watched the feature HSM 3.

1 happy birthday girl
5 excited girl friends
1 tired mommy


ericksonny said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!
Glad to see you having a lot of fun;)