Friday, August 1, 2008

Babseball is for the kids...

As you all know much of our family time is spent on a baseball field. Dave and Cody absolutely live for it. Most of the boys on the this travel ball team are very familiar with each other. They were previous teammates or have played competitively against each other. It's amazing that no matter where they began playing baseball they are all developing into young men together. Yeah...I know...only a mom would say something like that! I can't help it...all you baseball mom's now what I'm trying to say.

Hannah and I show our support by just being there. I enjoy watching the plays from the stands with a camera in hand. Lately it's been Susie camera...Thank you! You can find me with the other parents rooting each team member on as they succeed and encouraging them through the many challenges.

Hannah like most of the other siblings show their support by keeping each other occupied. During this tournament they played some type of Mummy game. I love how it doesn't matter what age you are, boy or're included because you have a brother who's on the team.

There are times when I can not figure out where the boys get the energy to play in the hot sun, back to back, 6 inning games, with only a few minutes to rest in between. Look who I caught taking a little cat nap.