Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Happened?

Want to know what the McCoys did to enjoy the 3 day weekend? We went to the's so nice during the summer months. I know I'm kinda strange, unlike most people I love the mountains in the summer time. Don't get me wrong I also think winter white snow covered peaks are breath taking. Remember, I'm the island girl... from Guam. I like warm weather much, much better than cold weather.
I cooked up a rugged breakfast for the family...eggs, bacon and muffins. Yummy. Most of the day was spent at Swim Beach on Big Bear Lake. The water was super refreshing.

Hannah took up tennis last November with her Coach Dad. We just found out she also loves to play badminton. And me? I participated in my favorite sport....People Watching!

Dinner was on the go... a bucket of KFC, (Gotta luv it!) as we waited for the fireworks over the lake.