Thursday, August 20, 2009

A bit...

As promised here's a little bit for the month of July.
It's been a family tradition of ours to visit a National Park every summer. This year we spend a week camping at June Lake with our friends the Walker Family. We took a day trip to the Devil's Postpile National Monument. This is what it looks like at the base of the pile.A hike up the pile and here's what the top of a column looks like. Amazing... 100,000 years ago, lava erupted from a volcanic vent. The lava cooled and began to shrink and stress, cracks formed and with the right cooling conditions the columns were shaped into hexagons.Since we were already hot and sweaty, we decided to continue on and hike to Minaret Falls. Hannah got tired and Cody didn't mind an extra work-out. Too cute.We went a little off course to get as close as we could to the falls. The water was so refreshing!Here's Hannah being sworn in as a Junior Ranger for the Park. She was then presented a ranger badge.Many hours were spent fishing while at June Lake. As for me, I savored the scenery.Dave really liked float tube fishing. Final fishing score was: Dave-6 Cody-7 Hannah-9 I'm not too sure how official the scores are. I recall that Hannah seemed to have been the one who reeled in the most fish, regardless of whom the pole belonged to. We saw alot of wildlife. Here are some ducklings and their mama. My camera wasn't ready for the shot of an eagle catching a fish.One of the highlights of the trip was crawdad catching at Gull Lake. Here's what dinner looked like two of the nights.